We recently presented our digital signage solutions to a new client.  When doing this in the past, our conversations have focused on the look and feel, user experience, visual design and animations, but this conversation was different.

There was a lot of emphasis on what happens in the background: how would the content get to the kiosk screens?  What does the support process look like?  What speed of connection do we need?  How can we manage the software updates?  How are the metrics handled?

Timely delivery

Naturally we answered all of these questions – and plenty more besides.  We talked the client through the process, explaining how we provide a range of hands-off content delivery options for our customers worldwide.

We explained that, with very little notice, we can produce content to promote a flash sale or promotion. We remotely upload it to your displays, and monitor how customers interact with the new direction.  We can do A-B testing by trying different content with different days or regions.  In this way, we can evaluate its effectiveness and use the feedback to tailor subsequent campaigns.

Why is this important?  Because, without accurate metrics, it isn’t possible to know how best to spend your marketing budget.  When you know which store’s customers are most responsive, which content works the hardest, and which menu options are most effective, you can more accurately refine under-performers or take them out of the loop entirely.

As the conversation with our client progressed, it became increasingly obvious that they – like a great number of our users – are more sophisticated and savvy than ever.  They know their stuff when it comes to purchasing a content delivery platform – and they fully understand the potential drawbacks.

The value of being informed

You might think this is a bad thing, that it suggests they’ve had their fingers burned in the past – but we don’t look at it that way.  We’ve spent years educating our clients and actively welcome questions like these.  To us, they suggest that the market for content delivery platforms has matured – at last.

This is great news for ORCKID as we have always put as much emphasis on the ‘engine’ of each project as we have on the UI/UX ‘bodywork’.  In doing so, we’ve been mindful to ensure every aspect of the task in hand is fully explained in as much detail as required, and we always get a buzz out of helping our clients to understand what they’re buying into.

We love this expanding interest in the underlying technology of our products, and we’d very much like to show you how our sophisticated content delivery platform will bring your message to the right screens… at the right time.