Immersive experiences, when discussed in product or marketing departments, are often overlooked when it comes to training & personal development.

So why is this?

Training, often thought of as a box-ticking exercise; purchase some off-the-shelf solution and send them to the staff for completion. There are a great many products out there, but to truly offer practical training, you need to focus on three simple things.

  1. Tailoring – although often seen as a high cost, tailored content makes training so much more effective. Not only is the language more relevant, supportive of day-to-day roles, but there is no distraction with generic content, clouding the training messages.
  2. Designing – re-branding is often seen as the central aspect of design; however, the user experience is much more critical. When implemented correctly, the user interface should be quick and easy to grasp so that it becomes second nature to the user. Once the UI blends into the background, the user will be immersed in the vital part of the training – the knowledge transfer.
  3. Reviewing – training should never be a case of delivering and move on. Content must be continually monitored and evaluated for relevancy with genuine user feedback. Effectiveness measured using simple benchmark and re-evaluation exercises will improve how you can expect your trainees to thrive.

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